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This little project has been stirring in my heart for a while. I’ve spent the past few years traveling, visiting with friends in all different walks of life, and learning from others. The life-lessons we endure as our hearts break over circumstances. The passions ruminating as we attempt something new. The unforeseen outcomes of our actions, our art, our dreams. And I’ve become obsessed with uncovering the concepts that everyone is carrying with them. I’ve found that the greatest tool we have as humans is open-hearted and open-minded conversation. So I started a medium for the interesting people I come across to share those observations. 

So this is Cultura Journal. A collection of occasional essays by myself and others to share their ideas. A little corner of the internet dedicated to intellectual optimism, meaningful creativity, and finding the common ground of humanity. 

A survey on culture. An exegesis of human experiences. A case study on the transition from current to classic. It’s a medium to ruminate on and revel in personhood, art, ideas, and their relation to everything else. Blending design and ideas in essays from everyday experts, Cultura Journal is dedicated to exploring what it is that we all are living. Check it out and let me know what you think. Or, even better, write something for it.

Looking forward to where we go together,

Alexis Gresh